Younis Khan came, Wasim Khan was overwhelmed.


When the Australian team arrived in the UK for the last Ashes series, former World Cup-winning captain Steve Waugh was in the Australian dressing room in addition to the usual crowd. Steve Waugh was the captain under whose leadership Australia last won the Ashes series away from home.

Titles for Cricketers:

The title under which coach Justin Langer made them part of the dressing room was the ‘mentor’, the guru, who could use his experience in the dressing room and encourage broken hearts.

Steve Waugh’s presence has certainly benefited the Australian dressing room and its impact is reflected in the results of the series, which saw Australia save the Ashes title away from home after a decade and a half.

When Pakistan toured England in 2016, Misbah was the captain of the Pakistani cricket team and Younis Khan was the most senior player whose presence in the dressing room was a breath of fresh air for the Pakistani batting line-up. Now Pakistan will go to England, so Misbah will be its head coach, and Younis Khan, who has scored a double century in the Oval, will be his batting coach.

Arrival of Part-Time Specialist Coaches:

It is too early to say that Misbah will be able to draw the same conclusions from the presence of Younis Khan. Joe Langer got it from the presence of Steve Waugh, but the arrival of part-time specialist coaches in Pakistan cricket is very encouraging.

At the moment, the participation of Younis Khan and Mushtaq Ahmed is limited to one English tour only. But it is possible that better results will turn this short-term commitment into a lasting relationship. Because the participation of such specialists in the dressing room before important visits and important events is nonetheless a fruitful trend.

T20 World Cup:

The Corona epidemic has, like everything else, changed the cricket calendar. Otherwise, with the arrival of the T20 World Cup, Justin Langer had made Michael Hussey part of the dressing room along with the short format squads.

The idea was to drive the best sniper in the world in a pressure match like the semi-final. So her presence in the dressing room will not only raise the morale of the youth. Experience, techniques, and timely application will also be understood.

 Number One Test Ranking:

Every series is important for Pakistan outside of Asian conditions, and efforts are made to focus on its preparation. The last time Pakistan trained under the supervision of troops in Abbottabad before the tour of England, the result was that Pakistan not only managed to draw the series. On the contrary, the same victory led to the number one Test ranking for the first time.

This time not only the rankings but also the valuable points of the Test Championship will be at stake. So this time the approach will be even more positive. In this regard, Misbah-ul-Haq’s decision to include his country’s most successful batsman in Test cricket in the dressing room seems very promising. Of course, Mushtaq Ahmed’s extensive experience in English conditions will also come in handy for Pakistan.

Yasir Shah’s Strikes:

In the first Test of the 2016 Pakistan-England series, Yasir Shah wreaked such havoc that the English camp immediately added Saqleen Mushtaq to its dressing room. The result was that England was safe from Yasir Shah’s strikes in the next two matches.

This time Pakistan is also trying to follow in the footsteps of the most successful teams in modern cricket. And the most welcome aspect in this regard is that Younis Khan has finally agreed to work with the PCB and all the credit for this important development goes to Wasim Khan. Who do not fight ego wars; just focus on work.

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