When Will There Be a Trend of Merit in the Pakistan Cricket Board?


The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has given a place to the cricketers emerging from the PSL in the central contract, proving that some of the top brains in the PCB are in the forefront of abusing our players who have been showing their excellent performance in domestic cricket for a long time. And they are proving that they deserve a place in the national team. But for some unknown reason, all the cricketers whose livelihood is cricket and who are giving their lives to this game.

They will be barred from representing their country. This has been the case in the past and is still happening today. An example of this is how many top ten batsmen and bowlers have had the opportunity to play in the national team every year in the last five years in domestic cricket. Not that you have eyes on them and they make a place in the team by playing well, then you put other players aside. It has become clear that attempts to destroy cricket have been going on for years. In this regard, the players are sometimes involved in fixing or they are not included in the national team due to conflicts or not being loved.

Records of Fawad Alam:

He scores even lower in the T20s when you get opportunities at the national level. As you can see, he has scored well in the middle order. And ODIs are no less than anyone. At least Iftikhar Ahmed and Haris Sohail are better able to play with good technique. Now that Harris Sohail has refused to travel to England for personal reasons.

Fawad Alam should be given a chance to play in any case and the years of abuse against him should be redressed. Now, who is to say that the young cricketer who has already scored a century in Tests. Why is it wasted later? He was given countless opportunities to low-caliber cricketers. We all love cricket, but if a good player has a personal grudge against someone just because he’s a relative or a relative, then he’s often out of the team. Live at a distance. In our country, in the name of Lahore and Karachi, the players are given less opportunity to emerge at the national level.

What Prevents Age From Playing?

So far you see the record that most players came to the team on their own luck and played for many years. But some continued to make a living just by playing domestic cricket, with no recommendation to play at the national level. Not only young players in the national team but also those who give life to the game and those who are fascinated by the excellent game in domestic cricket should be given opportunities. Now even if they are caught in fixing, but you have given yourself the opportunity to play.

Then you should not impose any restrictions even at the national level. Tabish Khan and Sadaf Hussain are not fed here just because of their age, while Fawad Alam did not join the team even after being given a few opportunities at a young age, and many times he was listed as one of the best players in the domestic team. Has not been fed. And now it can be said that he is old. But in the past, some players have not played even when they are old enough. If he can’t convince himself when he gets the chance, then don’t give him another chance. But not feeding players like Abid Ali on time, who is to blame.

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