Was Sarfraz’s Run Rate Worse or Luckier?


Shane Watson was in a slow mood, wanting to stay on the wicket so that no more crises would occur. But suddenly he was thrown a bouncer-wide ball, which the umpire did not give wide and Watson did not look happy with the umpire’s decision.

Watson’s anger first turned to anger and then his reaction began, in which the empty ground of Karachi resounded with the sounds of Watson’s bat. Each ball began to be middle and the strokes began to cross the boundary. It was Watson’s first explosive performance this season.

This Was Watson’s Last Match of the Season:

Quetta Gladiators are the most beloved team of PSL. These have always been favorites from the first season to the last. It is the team that has played the most finals and if there were no reservations about the arrival of foreign players in Pakistan last season, it would have been the team that won the most titles.

The current season, however, has proved to be Quetta’s worst season. If last night’s victory had not been included, Sarfraz’s team would have been in this last box of the table this time. For the first four seasons, Lahore Qalandars have been in power without any other government.

Not only Watson, but the whole team also played well last night. From the first ball, there was a clear fight, because everyone had this illusory hope that if there was a miraculous performance and they won by a big margin, the run rate would be so good that they would get a place in the semi-finals.

That Hope Was Dashed:

Because Quetta’s batting line-up had performed so badly in the first match against Lahore, a good performance alone was not enough to wash away the deficit.

This season has been disappointing for Quetta in terms of batting, bowling, and captaincy. Sarfraz Ahmed’s form, which started early last year, has led to his demise in the national team. He also continued to be close in the PSL.

There is no doubt that Sarfraz has paid close attention to fitness, and this was reflected in his wicket-keeping. But with the bat, he could not give his team any leadership performance. This did not inspire the morale of the team as a whole and the batting unit in particular.

Power Play Plays a Key Role In T20 Cricket:

The tone of the whole innings is fixed at this stage. The Quetta Gladiators were unlucky that they never got a foothold in the match due to Ahmed Shehzad’s poor form in the power play. A sudden blow to the gladiators. It turned out to be in the form of Umar Akmal’s mysterious activities and the resulting ban. If Umar Akmal had been available to this team in the middle order, he would have been in a position to make better combinations on the scoreboard.

Azam Khan was the emerging player of the year and the Quetta team had high hopes for him, but he could not do justice to his hopes except for one or two big innings. It was said that people would forget Chris Gayle, but people could not forget. But the biggest deficit remained in the bowling sector. On the one hand, Naseem Shah’s injury affected the combination. It is also very discouraging that the average economy rate of any bowler in Quetta this season has not been less than eight.

Such an economy rate in T20 does not cause any bowling unit. This was the key reason why other teams dominated Quetta with the bat and the pursuit of big scores also put pressure on the batting unit.

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