Two Weeks of Hard Work and the Result Is Just Fatigue


When a very weak wrestler enters the arena to face a very strong opponent, there is no excitement coming from any corner of the crowd. That’s what everyone wants, that whatever happens, happens as soon as possible and the story ends.

Something similar happened in Zimbabwe today. Since Chamu Chabhabha is the captain, we showed his interest to some extent and he stayed a little longer on the crease. In the first two overs, there was a lot of aggression.

But it was too late for a wicket to fall and the whole story began to run at lightning speed towards its drop scene. Even if someone cared about staying on the wicket, Emad Wasim and Usman Qadir left their plans thirsty.

Corona’s day cricket is very different from normal cricket. It is annoying for the spectators to see the empty grounds, but for the players it is no less than a pain. No applause for the best shot. Fifty, a century, five wickets, no applause, no applause, except a dozen people in your dressing room.

Cricket Player Loses All His Interest and Concentration:

Corona’s days of cricket are a bit more traumatic for the visiting teams. The loneliness of quarantine in its place, the demands of the bio-bubble are so tiring that the player loses all his interest and concentration. In such a situation, even if a fallen team gets a clean sweep from the most powerful side, it is not surprising.

But the manner in which this clean sweep was completed and the reluctance with which the Zimbabwean team surrendered is a heartbreaking situation for the fans as well as for themselves and their squad.

Group Ranking of Cricket Team:

Some time ago, a proposal to set up two ‘tires’ in Test cricket came under consideration. The plan was to keep the top teams in a separate group in terms of rankings and the lower ranked teams to play cricket in separate groups. This will improve the competitive atmosphere and make the competition interesting.

The proposal was not so bad because if Pakistan was playing South Africa instead of Zimbabwe, the competition would not be one-sided. Of course, if Zimbabwe had faced a team of its own, such as Ireland, Afghanistan, etc., instead of Pakistan, the matches would have been thorny.

But for seemingly unknown reasons, India opposed the system. It was shocking to everyone, how India started objecting to it. Kirk Info later made an eye-opening analysis of the situation.

Cricket Team Revenue:

According to him, the Indian Cricket Board was earning a significant portion of its TV revenue from the visits of such odd and tireless teams. The fact is that the Indian team is the busiest team in the world. Here one series does not end, that the next schedule is released.

The Indian team plays the most odd cricket than any other team. In two years, a series was played from South Africa, England, Australia, etc., but to fill the rest of the calendar, sometimes called Bangladesh, sometimes Afghanistan.

Why do lower-ranked teams still dream of progress?

Such incoherent cricket fills the stomach of a cricket board. But neither the interest of the fans grows, nor does the process of evolution of the players get completed. The question is, if the current model is so good, then why is Zimbabwe still ranked 14th? If odd cricket has the potential to help small teams develop.

This whitewash is very important for Pakistan. It could add a new dimension to Pakistan’s greatness in the T20s. But if you ask Chamo Chabhabha’s team, they got nothing but two weeks of fatigue.

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