The Political Neutrality Of Olympics

The Political Neutrality Of Olympics

The wider and major issues of sports as that of Olympics, always involved The International Olympic Committee (IOC) regarding all the matters whether they are major or minor. Any political statement regarding Olympics counted as the most devastating and most bothered statement of all the times.

The Olympics have always been the subject of discussion among everybody. It has always been considered as a stage for geopolitical tensions and triumphs. It is considered as one of the most important and unavoidable event around the world. Everyone particularly waits for this event to happen almost once in a year. All the countries feel honored to be a vigilant part of Olympics. It is played world widely and all the people across the world likes to participate in this grand event.

-Proposed guidelines on political expression

All the rules regarding Olympics are very debatably important and remain under discussions almost many times. The 50th Rule of the Olympic Charter says clearly that “to protect the neutrality of sport and the Olympic Games”. It openly says:

“No kind of demonstration whether political, religious or racial propaganda is permitted in the Olympic areas.”

Therefore, it is not wrong to say that any kind of political demonstration or any sort of protest is not allowed in the venues around Olympic ceremonies. Along with that, there are strict rules for the ones who will violate this policy. Before even the grand opening ceremony of Olympics, the organizations kept on giving the pressure on this point that any kind of protest or demonstration is strictly forbidden in Olympics venue.

-No clear line in the sand

The new guidelines regarding Olympics and its rules follows the and unacceptable dissent showing all the political messaging and its gestures such as signs or armbands, even gestures of any political party such as kneeling or showing any physical gestures and straight forwardly refusing to follow the protocols of ceremony.

According to IOC, there is a clear discrimination in what constitutes a protest and expressing someone’s personal views straight forwardly. The new rules prove to be very confusing for the athletes. They feel constrained while considering these rules imposed upon them.

The athletes did not feel comfortable in following the new rules. They became uncomfortable and confused in following these rules. For example: They are asked to support the slogan that Black Lives matter but on the other hand they are not allowed to wear BLM t-shirts. This is what makes them confuse in judging that hat to do and what not to do.

-The Olympics as a source for positive change

Whatever the IOC says about changing policies or rules, one major thing is very clear that the athlete voice have much more potential than ever. The basic cause of this point lies in the reality that the recent athlete support for Black Lives matter is moving ahead with much more enthusiasm.

It is favored all around the world that sports should surely be aligned with the reasons like the fight against racism. Olympics is clearly and typically a game of positive change which evokes the sense of positivity among people of different mindsets and help them in keeping and maintaining themselves on a single platform.

For example, according to Saudi Arabian strict law policies, women were never being permitted to participate in Olympics in any verge and at any cost. However, the IOC insisted and in other words pressurized the Saudi Olympic Committee to send some female athletes in the Olympics. Because of this huge pressure, finally in 2012, the ban which was being imposed by Saudi Government later got vanished and lifted.

In 2000, it was said by Freeman of Sydney Olympics that we only need to think back to victory lap as an example of the power of Olympic stage to make positive statements around everyone who wants to support Olympics serious and wants to be a greater part of it. It is also not wrong to say that without this kind of positive approach and wider community engagement, sport has limited meanings which have nothing to do with the real feelings of any sportsman and his sportsman ship as well. Freeman is the only one who gave such a premium value to the Olympic, its precious moments and other athletes too.


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