The Impact of Covid-19 on the well being of Athletes

The Impact of Covid-19 on the well being of Athletes

Covid-19 has caused a lot of societal and individual impacts that has been very intense and serious. These impacts are very fast-paced, especially for students of all the institutes. The reason of this major impact on educational institutes lies in the fact that after this pandemic, education is totally transitioned into the unique format of distance learning during spring semesters 2020. The reason behind this changed format is the raising health concerns.

All the spring athletic seasons got cancelled due to this pandemic concerning about the mental and physical health of students of athletes. The organizations never wanted their student athletes to experience anything bad regarding this virus that can have any impact on their future.

The National Collegiate Association of Athletics (NCAA) openly conveys all the disruptions that are caused by corona virus. It has also declared all the negative impacts of this pandemic on both physical and mental health of athletes.

The basic and major purpose of this research was to observe the physical and mental distress in order to diagnose the programming needs of Division III student-athletes in response of Covid-19. Anxiety is mainly observed during the duration of this pandemic. It is found to be the most dangerous disease that is caused in this pandemic. Slowly and steadily it is prevailing around the town and taking a lot of people in its grip.

Another research is also done for this purpose and according to that research; female participants suffer more than male participants. According to an estimate, females are most likely to use social media apps, discuss about their worries regarding exams and future. This marks them more as anxiety patients.

-Mental Distress on Academics caused by Covid-19

It is a matter of fact that sudden changes and disruptions in someone’s life cause frustration, isolation, anxiety and loneliness in the minds of students. Their minds may not accept these ordinary circumstances that are causing a lot of changes in their lives. Many known people of the society have enlisted various elevated rates of students in which serious symptoms of anxiety are depression are to be observed, seen and diagnosed.

According to a latest study that is conducted by famous personalities like Dong, Fang, Cao and Han clearly says that the students that are feeling frustrated are in anxiety due to the major concerns related to academic delays. The reasons may also lie in the economic effects due to this pandemic and its crucial impacts on daily lives of students.

Covid-19 proves to be a major stop in the lives of students. They have to pay their additional struggles in everyday matters including lack of resources and to stop their ongoing internships. They also have to stop their research projects due to this pandemic.

-Cancellation of Athletics and other sports

The winter and spring sports of all respective divisions have been cancelled on March 12, 2020 by the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA). All these cancellations are caused just to ensure the health and security of students, their coaches, game management personnel’s and all the mentors of this field.

However, while considering all these cancellations, on August 5, 2020, the President Council of Division II and Division III also cancelled all the fall championships. All the divisions of athletics were strictly instructed by NCAA Board of Governors not to conduct anything regarding athletes.

On the other hand, the Division I of Directors gives a statement that fall championships will be surely played in the upcoming spring. But a condition is also imposed that it can only be done in the case if federal state and local guidelines will allow them to do so. The decision is properly made on August 21, 2020.

It is also to be said by Division I that fall sport student athletes will also be getting a lead of a year for extra eligibility. Along with that, they will also be having an additional year of competition as well. This gives a huge strength to all the student-athletes. This provokes a sense of hope in them to compete for one more time.

The future research related to this matter will be very beneficial for all the Divisions including Division I, Division II and Division III.


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