The game of Cricket

The game of Cricket

Cricket is a game that is widely known throughout the world. It is not only worldly famous game but people are very fond of this game. All around the world, people are diehard fan of cricket. Without any exaggeration, it is evident that cricket is the king of all games. If any other cricket team come to visit some other country for a cricket match, all the citizens in thousands of bunches came to see that match.

A cricket test match is played for continuously five days. It consists of two innings. Many people are fond of test matches as well. The ones who got the chance to see cricket matches consider themselves lucky enough. But those who are not able to visit stadiums, they used to enjoy the live commentary on their radio or feel the enthusiasm of match by watching it on television.

People used to consider England as the mother of this game. But, now-a-days, this game suddenly got that much popularity among other countries that they even have stolen this title from England.

-Scenario of cricket stadium

Stadium is basically a huge circular ground in which the game of cricket is being played. There are a lot of seats, inserted all around the stadium in circular form. The ground is compressed of a grass pitch in the centre of playground.

At a fixed distance, three wickets are inserted on both sides of this pitch. On one side of the wickets, there came the bowler while on the other side of the same pitch the batsman is standing. The bowler throws the ball from his respective side and the batsman standing at the opposite side of the same pitch needs to hit that ball.

If the batsman hits the ball with that much power that it moves away from the pitch, then the batsman along with his runner partner tries to score a run by running from one side of the pitch to the other. Players, standing separately in the ground for the purpose of fielding tries to catch that ball or quickly return it to the bowler or keeper so that the batsman cannot make any run. Each team comprises of 11 players including the Captain.

The presence of two empires in the ground is also compulsory so that they both can judge the match properly. Third empire also remains present throughout the match but he remains behind the curtains in order to observe the complicated decisions

-The journey of fame and defamation of Cricket

Unfortunately, in the present few years, cricket has been defamed because of the harsh allegations of “match-fixing”. It just demolished the prestige of a lot of well known players and above all, it caused an enormous decline in the popularity of cricket.

These kind of allegations whether they are true or not, results in defamation of several players, teams and countries as well. Sometimes, the allegation of match-fixing on a player proves to be wrong. It comprises of a proper propaganda against some particular players or against any well reputed team.

But in many cases, it is not only about allegations, it is about reality. In that cases, the team, country and specifically the highlighted players become a black mark on the field of cricket. It makes their fans aggressive as well.

-Rules and Regulations regarding Cricket

The proper way of indulging in anything is following its rules and regulations legally and properly. Without knowing the rules and regulations of any game, it is not possible to play it with devotion. The major rule of playing cricket in the ground is that the playground must be completely dry. It is not allowed to play cricket on wet playground.

Whenever match starts, the enthusiastic crowd runs high and a huge pitch sound of audience can clearly be heard all around the stadium. This creates an overwhelming environment throughout the stadium. People also used to raise slogans in favor of their respective teams.

The opposite fans also raised their slogans for their favorite team. Some of the people among audience wore T-shirts of their respective teams. Some holding flags of the same colors. The enthusiastic crowd adds spice to the flavor.



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