The Fifth Season of Sports – Shields Season


The funny thing is that sometimes the shields are also made by certain people, for which the money is issued separately, but the payment is made by someone else. One gentleman had said that the shields would come from Korea. The shields that came from Korea came from Lahore, but the money went to the shields that came in the name of Korea.

What Happens To The Special Guest, The Relevant Officials Of The Ministry Of Sports With Shields?

This is a translation of a Persian saying that fits everywhere in today’s situation. However, the need at the moment is for the Ministry of Sports to take care of each other. So you have to walk, otherwise keep on celebrating, brother. If you don’t call me Haji then why should I call you Sahib? The need for this statement arises because, like every season, the season of shields is now coming to the playing field. Because the playgrounds are populated, that’s a good thing. Because young people will get to do positive activities, they will not get a chance to go towards negative activities. But how much do people have to pay for this season of Shields and why? No one guessed it. This will be mentioned later, but one thing is for sure, then the Prime Minister should announce that there are five seasons in Asia, including spring, autumn, cold, heat, and giving and taking shields.

Field Of Sports Now Harms the Promotion of Sports:

Some of our journalists are angrier with us than the bureaucracy at the outpouring of heartbreak. Because they understand, that he is the spokesman of the Ministry of Sports and it is their right that he is coming. Report activities like will be going, sir. So that they can continue their business and if someone points out the mistakes made in the Ministry of Sports, then these people are angrier than the people that the certified journalists are the only ones and they try to put an end to the wrong activities by saying that this is affecting the promotion of sports. In the same way, reporting the wrong things in the field of sports now harms the promotion of sports.

Good things have come out of nowhere but the reason is that this is the Ministry of Youth and the young players in this field are happy that the abuse of them should be highlighted. So that they have some convenience, yes some bureaucrats, officers and shopkeepers like journalist clerks are affected. So they get angry at it and in return, we get to hear abusive and harsh words. But the price of truth has to be borne, sometimes in the form of subjugation and sometimes in another form. Yes, we were talking about the fifth season of Shields. This is a season for which some months are very specific because the activities start as soon as the funds are received, and these months are more from July to December. However, Shields season lasts all year round.

Shields Are Also Given To Journalists Who Report On Sports Activities?

They get millions of rupees in salary, petrol for cars, house rent for organizing such activities and it is their responsibility to organize such sports competitions. How far is it to receive shields on duty, So that if there is any mistake, the journalists should not point it out as if there was no journalist. In the same way, the job of a journalist has now become that of a one-time sportsman. Now he gets shields to keep his eyes closed, his mouth silent and his ears closed.


Giving shields to keep everyone happy is to the detriment of the ministry or to the relevant associations which spend less on competition and more on shields. In contrast, officers, bureaucrats, special guests, or journalists whose main job is to make efforts to promote sports. He receives shields and awards only because of his rank. That is, there is no difference between a player who kills and a person who does his duty.

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