Some Of The Incredible Records In The World Of Cricket That Will Not Even Be In Your Imagination.


ition, cricket is an invention of cowboys. When there was no work to be done while grazing goats or cattle, the shepherds started playing a cricket-style game, which became famous all over the world and is now known as cricket.

It’s been over 200 years since the game was made, but in those two hundred years there have been a lot of records that were broken that day, but there are also a lot of records that haven’t been broken to this day. . In this video I will tell you about 5 records that none of you may know and you may have never heard of before, but if you read the history books of cricket carefully. So there are some records that are still broken in the record books.

Number 5: Most Runs 61,760:

If we talk about the most runs in international cricket, then the name of Sachin Tendulkar comes to our mind first. But if we talk about the highest number of runs in first-class cricket, then there is not a single player in the world who has scored not 10000, not 20000 not 30000 but the whole 61760 runs. You may think this is a lie, but the player’s name was Sir Jack Hobbs. Who has set a mountain of 61760 in first-class cricket and looking at it from afar, it does not seem that anyone will be able to break this record? Because to this day, no one has come close to this record.

Number 4: All Team Out For 3:

In cricket, a lot of teams are out on very low scores, but if a team can’t score a single one, there is nothing more embarrassing. During a league match in England, 9 players of Wirral Cricket Club were dismissed for zero, but luckily the last player scored 1 run. While the other team also gave 4 score league bye, otherwise this whole team would have been out at zero and set a record, which may be impossible to break. But can this record still be broken? Which team do you think can be bowled out for less than 3?

Number 3: Most Wickets 4204:

Murali Dharan’s record of 800 wickets in Test cricket seems to be unmatched. But did you know that the number of wickets of a bowler in first-class cricket is so high that the wickets of Murali Dharan seem to be non-existent in front of him? Wilfred Rhodes, who played in England for a long period of 31 years from 1898 to 1930, was a left-handed sloppy break bowler. He took 4204 wickets in 1110 first-class matches and set such a record that no one has ever come close to breaking it. Surprisingly, while playing Test cricket for England, he took just 127 wickets in 58 Test matches. Do you think his 4204 wicket record can be broken now?

Number 2: Most Hundreds 199:

If we talk about the most centuries in cricket, then the name of Sachin Tendulkar comes to everyone’s lips nowadays. And it seems that his record is indescribable. But if we look at first-class cricket, Tendulkar’s centuries are just 81, while Australia’s Sir Jack Hobbs tops the list. That is, his number of centuries is 199. Jack Hobbs played first-class cricket for 29 years between 1905 and 1934, in which he scored 199 centuries in 834 matches, and scored 61,760 runs. No player in current cricket seems to be close to it, but do you think this record can be broken?

Number 1: Most Runs In An Innings 1107:

In Test cricket or 5-day cricket, if a team scores 400 or 500 runs, it is considered that the chances of that team winning are very high. But if one team didn’t want to give the other team a chance to play, what would happen to the other team’s players? This was seen between NSW and Melbourne Cricket Team in 1926, when NSW batted for five full days, scored 1107 runs, and did not give Melbourne Cricket Team an equal chance to play. Almost a century later, 1107 still holds the record for most runs, and no other team has come close to it.

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