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At a recent meeting of the Pakistan Cricket Board in Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan, members of the PCB’s governing board had strongly opposed the board’s decision to remove departmental teams. After him, former captains of various national sports legends, including former cricket team captain Javed Miandad, squash legend Jahangir Khan, former hockey captain Islahuddin and former Test cricketer Saleem, came out in support of not eliminating departmental teams. Jaffar is included.

Sports Are Already In Decline in the Country:

Pakistan’s great players have said that such measures will further degrade the sports sector in the country. A function was held in Karachi to save the welfare and employment of the players, which was attended by Jahangir Khan, Islahuddin, Javed Miandad, and Saleem Jaffer. Former captain Javed Miandad, a great cricketer, said that if it were not for the department, Jahangir Khan and Javed Miandad would not be among the great players today. He said as long as the departments were running right.

Economic Situation of the Country:

We have had successes in sports, and we have had athletes at the national level, who have made the country famous internationally. He said that the biggest problem of Pakistan is the deteriorating economic situation because when the players do not have jobs for food and household expenses, where will they get medals, said former national cricket team captain Javed Mian Dad. That the economic situation of the country is already bad and the department is being closed and people are being put in trouble by making them unemployed.

The closure of the sports department of the institutions is an economic murder of the players. Former captain Javed Miandad said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has also been playing cricket for the department and the county as a player. Javed Miandad appealed to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, that he is a player himself, do not dismiss the departmental teams and make them unemployed. Former world squash champion Jahangir Khan said he was not in favor of closing the department. Because I was also supported by the department. If I didn’t get departmental support then, I probably wouldn’t be a world champion and star. Jahangir Khan said, that there is a time for the player to play. He doesn’t play sports all his life. It has a certain age. The player is supported by the support department. He said that in the present era, degrees are being seen in sports.

However, the player has given up the playing field all his life, where did he get the degree from?

Jahangir Khan appealed to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan not to disband the departmental teams. Rather provide help to improve them. Former Test cricketer Saleem Jaffer said the closure of the departments would be detrimental to cricket, as did hockey and squash. Now cricket is going to happen with such measures. He said that the first UBL sports department was closed and now Habib Bank has closed the sports department.

The Newcomers Need Protection:

Now the newcomers need protection and don’t take them away from cricket. Islahuddin, a former hockey Olympian, said that it is unfortunate that sports are being pushed to the brink of disaster by closing down the sports departments of national and international sports organizations. If you want to close them, bring an alternative. If it is closed, the players will be unemployed and the stoves in their houses will be closed. He added, “I came to Customs as a player and the department gave me an honorable job, which is why I have reached this place today.

PCB Be Directed Not To Disband the Departmental Teams:

Islahuddin said that there are so many legends here today. Everyone is supported by the department and because of this, they have to reach this place today. We would like to meet the Prime Minister of Pakistan to resolve this issue, and we appeal to him, but the departments that have closed the sports sector. They should also be immediately re-functional to provide employment to the players. So that they can be free from worry and earn their living by giving their full attention to sports.

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