Incredible Secrets Of The World Of Cricket That You Are Not Aware Of


Cricket is a sport that is played and watched enthusiastically in every corner of the globe. Cricket fans will have heard of many records, which are known as pride. But let me tell you, there are records in the world of cricket that you would not want to hear about. Because these are the secrets that will reveal some of your favorite players.

The First Secret:

The secret is about former Pakistani batsman Mudassar Nazar, who was considered one of the most famous players of his time. There will be many more records on their part. But the slowest century in Test cricket is also Mudassar Nazar, which he scored in about 9 and a half hours while playing against England in Lahore during 1977-78.

The Second Secret:

The secret is about Imran Tahir, a well-known player of Pakistani origin who plays for South Africa, and this secret is about his worst bowling. During a Test match against Australia in 2012, he bowled 37 overs and scored 267 runs, but could not take a single wicket.

The Third Secret:

This is the secret about Pakistan bowler Muhammad Sami. Undoubtedly, in his time, he bowled very well and kept the world in his grip. But he has also bowled the longest over in the world of cricket. In the one-day international against Bangladesh in 2004, he bowled an over of 17 balls, including 7 wickets and 4 nine balls.

The Fourth Secret:

You already know about the one day secret of Muhammad Sami. Now you know the bowler who did the same in the Test match. The famous West Indies bowler is Kirtley Ambrose. The bowler bowled 15 balls during the Test match. Playing against Australia in 1993. He set a record of nine balls in a single over, which was not one-half but nine.

The Fifth Secret:

The most expensive bowler in a Test match is Jimmy Anderson. He gave up 28 runs in one over, while Robert Patterson from South Africa also gave up 28 runs in one over.

The Sixth Secret:

This secret is not about a single player. Even famous batsmen like Sachin Tendulkar are part of it. But before he comes the name of Rahul Dravid, who has bowled cleanly 54 times in Test cricket. Australian cricketer Alan Border is at the second position while Sachin Tendulkar is at the third position.

Seventh Secret:

Courtney Wash is a famous bowler who played in the West Indies team. You will be amazed to know that he has been dismissed without scoring the most 185 times in Test cricket.

The Eighth Secret:

Everyone is familiar with Jayasuriya, the Sri Lankan batsman who holds the world record for the fastest half-century. The secret in their bar is the exact opposite, which the heart would not be willing to admit. Jayasuriya is also the highest wicket-taker in ODI cricket with 34 dismissals, and you will be amazed to hear about Shahid Afridi, who has made the fastest century in the world of cricket. But there are also players who have scored no more than 30 times in the second place. While I can’t believe that Wasim Akram is included in this list. Wasim Akram got out 28 times and got the third number.

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