‘Babar Azam, the Captain without the Need for Cameras and Advertisements.


Unlike football and hockey, cricket is a sport in which the role of captain is of paramount importance. No matter how many instructions are sent from the dressing room, there are many small decisions that only the captain has to make.

Captaining the cricket team in Pakistan has always been an interesting topic. Because its effects are far-reaching. The role of the media is much more than that of the cricket board, which, like other sectors, gives up its desire to make news here.

Dynamic vs. Boring Captain:

The media wants the captain to be the one to make the most of the ground in front of the media cameras. The media likes dynamic captains like Shahid Afridi more than boring captains like Misbah. From time to time, someone or other will put flowers in the news plate or be a captain like Azharuddin. In the middle of that press conference, legs were sitting on the table, nails were being cut.

Appointment and dismissal of Cricket captains:

In Pakistan cricket, in almost every era, the media has proved its importance in the appointment and dismissal of captains. That is why, when Misbah’s seven-year ‘uninformed’ era came to an end, the appointment of Azhar Ali, who was even more unaware of him, was widely covered by the media. The same decade came to a head in the heat of the year, when Geo News aired special broadcasts like ‘Cricket Takra’ and the national consensus was turned upside down. Once again the media managed to make a custom captain.

But since the new setup of Ehsan Mani has come in the PCB. Things seem to be changing. The appointment of CEO Wasim Khan and head coach Misbah-ul-Haq have both been issues that have not been supported by a large section of the media.

The removal of Sarfraz Ahmed was also a case that proved to be a very bitter sip for most of the friends of the media. The appointment of Babar Azam is also a news item, which is likely to close a number of interesting issues.

Appointment of Captains:

In previous cricket, stardom was given primary importance in the appointment of captains. Leadership skills were also attributed to stardom and charismatic personality. In Pakistan, Star Power has been considered a basic condition for leadership.

But in modern cricket, this trend has changed radically. Now there’s a straightforward formula that performs as well as Joe. He is just as fit for leadership as Root, Steve Smith. Whether it’s Virat Kohli, Ken Williamson, Damoth Karuna Ratne, or Quentin de Kock, all of these were considered suitable for leadership based on their statistics.

Skills of Babar Azam:

The good news for Pakistan is that with the appointment of Babar Azam, a new trend has started here as well. Where purely performance and data are being used as the basis instead of media acceptance or commercial power.

It takes time to decide what Babar Azam’s leadership skills are. But it is clear that the focus of his life at the moment is only cricket, not the popularity in the media circles, nor the desire to wave in colorful advertisements.

The PCB has added a new dimension:

There are two or three shocking news items in the list of Central Contracts. The expulsion of Muhammad Amir is certainly a big shock. Similarly, the decision about Wahab Riaz is also somewhat heartbreaking. But to whom should they complain that these two had already determined their own desires? This news will be very painful for Hassan Ali too, but he still has many avenues open.

With the appointment of Babar Azam, the PCB has added a new dimension. Only time will tell. But for now, we can say for sure that this decision is the starting point of a positive trend in Pakistan’s cricket culture.

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