A Huge Offer From The Indian Cricket Board To The PCB – Is This A Ploy?


My dear readers, there has been a huge offer from the Indian Cricket Board to the PCB. The Indian Cricket Board has made an offer to the PCB to replace the PSL with the Item Cup next year and cancel the Asia Cup for next year. Readers will remember that there is a lot of confusion about cups. Sometimes it is said that the goods will be delivered in Dubai and sometimes it is said that it will be shifted to Sri Lanka. But its final venue was not yet known, or as if all the boards had not yet agreed on where the Asia Cup would be held this time.

The Next Asia Cup:

If we talk about it, then on February 28, the chairman of the Indian Cricket Board, Ganguly, said that the next Asia Cup would be held in Dubai. But the very next day, PCB chairman Ahsan Mani had said that it was not yet finalized in which country the Asia Cup would be held. In other words, Ehsan Mani had denied that we are not willing to play in the Asia Cup in Dubai.

Cancelation of Asia Cups:

Dear readers, let me tell you that the Asia Cup was to be held in September-October this year and this time it was to be held in Pakistan. But the Coronavirus has made other things worse. Exactly the same Asia Cup seems to be canceled. On the other hand, in an interview with Indo-Asian News, Indian Cricket Board officials said that it is not possible for the Indian team to play in the Asia Cup in September-October this year.

People Love PSL Matches:

If we talk about PSL then this time it was held in Pakistan and the people of Pakistan liked it very much and a large number of people used to come to watch PSL. The popularity graph of PSL had gone so high and it was moving towards its heights that just then the coronavirus attacked and our PSL was visible and still, Pakistan Cricket Board PSL play couldn’t turn off. And the only reason for that is the coronavirus.

On the other hand, if we read the interviews of the Indian Cricket Board officials, it is clear that they have said that there is no time for them in September and October this year. That means they will be busy elsewhere. Keep in mind, they haven’t said, that their players won’t be available because of the coronavirus. Rather, they say they have no time. So it literally means that they will start their IPL at this time, which they could not do this time in the month of April.

How Is It That The Indians Are Not Canceling Their IPL:

in return, they are telling us to cancel our PSL 6 and replace it with the Asia Cup. Friends, they are telling us to cancel our PSL 6 and replace it with the Asia Cup. As far as the Pakistan Cricket Board is concerned, Wasim Khan has stated that the PCB is trying to shift the event to either Dubai or Sri Lanka.

Reason Behind This Whole Process:

And there is only one reason for this whole process, and that is the coronavirus – Wasim Khan says that the corona virus may not stop until September and October of this year and that is why he replaced Pakistan with other countries. Wondering, and the real reason for the shift in Sri Lanka is that there are very few cases of coronavirus.

On the other hand, one of the reasons for the Indian Cricket Board’s offer is that they want to cancel this PSL session on purpose. Because they are afraid of the popularity of PSL and they do not want the PSL to be so popular that it surpasses the IPL. And behind this is their trick that they will be willing to come to Pakistan. But it is important that the PCB hosts the Asia Cup next February.

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